Awards Criteria

Emerging Leaders


The Emerging Leader Awards are designed to highlight and share the accomplishments of exceptional members of the health center. The awards are meant to showcase leaders who have undertaken or guided a specific task (or multiple tasks) that have helped their health center further the goal of providing high-quality, culturally competent health services to underserved populations in their communities.

A wide range of accomplishments will be considered for this award. For example some accomplishments may include developing new program initiatives, helping their health center run more efficiently, increasing outreach to new patients, increasing civic and community engagement, impacting patient lives and care, and other projects with broad impact and reach.

While no nominee will encompass every quality, in looking at nominations the TACHC Board will place particular emphasis on the following qualities:

  • The nominee exemplifies their health center’s mission;
  • The nominee’s accomplishments represent fulfilling their duties, and using their job as a springboard to go beyond what is expected;
  • The nominee’s efforts are useful to and transferable to other health centers; and
  • The nominee recognizes and demonstrates the “community” aspect of “community health center” through engagement and collaboration with other organizations and community members, or through their own community involvement.