TACHC Emerging Leader Awards


Nominations for the 2020 awards were received, and the nominations are now closed. Join us for the virtual Annual Conference in October to see the awards announced!


TACHC Health Center Emerging Leader Award (called “Emerging Leader Award”) is an opportunity to recognize rising stars in Texas health centers. The award was announced at the 2018 Texas Association of Community Health Centers Annual Conference in celebration of its 35th year. The Emerging Leader Award isa way to cultivate new leaders, recognize the special contributions of newer staff members, and engage the next generation of health center staff in the ongoing mission of health centers to provide quality comprehensive community centered healthcare.

During the 2017 Strategic Planning session the TACHC Board (“the Board”) identified the development and fostering of emerging leaders as a priority. This award is a step toward that goal. The intent is that these awards be made annually, helping to build a foundation for recognizing and cultivating emerging talent within Texas health centers.

2020 NOMINATION PERIOD (Now closed)


An award will be made for each region of the state, numbering 6 in total. The Emerging Leaders Awards was first awarded at the 2019 Annual Conference. All qualifying nominees will be recognized at the luncheon by having their names printed in the program, and acknowledged and celebrated as a group.

The award recipients will receive a free registration for themselves for that year’s Annual Conference. If the awardee is unable to attend, they may designate someone else to attend in their place to receive to free registration, and accept the award on their behalf.


To be eligible for the Emerging Leader Award, the recipient must meet all of the following requirements: 

  • Is a staff member currently working at a TACHC member health center at the time of the award;
  • Has worked at the health center at least one year, but not worked for any health center for more than a combined five years, regardless of nominee’s age;
  • Is not the lead executive (Executive Director, CEO, etc.) of the health center.


  • Nomination Period: Closed; Awards will be presented at the TACHC 37th Annual Virtual Conference (October 19th – October 21st). 
  • Award Notification date: Pending
  • TACHC Annual Conference: Pending