Laboratory Services

TACHC contracts laboratory services with Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp). The TACHC/LabCorp lab program has no membership fees. A health center can save up to 70% for lab tests and with over 1,500 customer service centers nationally, all health centers can access high quality technology at an affordable rate. 



LabCorp Responsibilities

  • Visit each health center at least once per month to instruct personnel on proper handling of specimens and billing requirements
  • Professional 24/7 telephone consultation services at no extra charge
  • Supply each health center a minimum of two LabCorp Professional Fee Schedule Manuals which lists:
    • Alphabetical listing of all tests available
    • Method
    • Normal range
    • Specimen requirements (including any special handling requirements)
    • Instructions
    • Cost
    • Turnaround time
  • Provide a Sales Representative and Training Sales Representative responsible for servicing that health center
  • Install and maintain electronic printers within each health center for ordering tests and/or retrieving results
  • A direct interface with the health center’s EMR for reporting lab results



For a list of lab tests available and respective pricing, email

If a test is not listed at TACHC contract pricing, then the test will be available at 70% less than the price listed in the LabCorp Professional Fee Schedule Manual.


Billing & Invoicing

For billing and invoicing:

  • Bills directly to Medicaid, Medicare, the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and commercial third parties
  • Upon submission of the specimen to LabCorp, the health center will inform LabCorp of the payment source
  • Bills the health center directly when requested on the Lab Request Form
  • Does not bill the patient directly unless directed by the health center, in writing
  • Invoicing submitted to the health center will be health center specific and shall include at least the following information: 
    • Test name and number
    • Patient's name and/or number
    • Patient's date of birth
    • Order date
    • Price
    • Total cost of testing for time period
  • Payment terms of invoices to LabCorp is within 30 days


Turnaround Time

  • Routine tests results are reported back to the health center within 24 hours
  • Pap smears are performed locally and results are reported back to the center in 3-4 days or less for normal results and 7 days or less for abnormal results
  • "Panic Value Results" are reported back to the health center on a stat basis via a phone call
  • "Multi-Day Analysis" results are reported back to the health center within 24 hours of completion
  • Email for the following LabCorp turnaround time schedules:
    • LabCorp district servicing your center
    • Center of Molecular Biology Pathology (CMPB)
    • Allergy turnaround time schedule for LabCorp in Burlington, NC
    • Tests to LabCorp in Burlington, NC, and not being conducted at the district level


Stat Testing

  • If available, LabCorp can make arrangements to provide stat testing for up to 2% of the total test volume referred by the health center thru a local third-party source
  • Expenses associated with stat services will be absorbed by LabCorp, with LabCorp invoicing the health center at the contract rate


Courier Service

  • Provided at no extra cost to the health center
  • Available Monday thru Friday, except on holidays. May be provided on Saturdays when mutually agreed upon
  • Direct pick-up at the health center at least once per day and no earlier than 3:00 pm or at a time mutually agreed upon between the health center and LabCorp in writing


Test Reporting

Includes a minimum of these items:

  • Laboratory identification
  • Date the test was collected
  • Date the test was received by LabCorp
  • Patient's name and identification number
  • Patient's date of birth
  • Patient's phone number
  • Encounter number
  • Ordering provider's name
  • Health center or account number
  • Test name and number
  • Expected normal value
  • Actual value
  • Highlighted results which are out of range
  • Pediatric and adult ranges for each test
  • Indications, if any, of mishandling of the specimen



  • Laboratory supplies will be provided thru LabCorp for the purpose of collecting, maintaining and transporting of specimens solely submitted to LabCorp, including butterfly needles
  • Federal law prohibits laboratory supplies provided by LabCorp to be used for on-site testing by health centers
  • LabCorp supplies data receiving equipment to be used solely for communication of results from LabCorp. This equipment is the sole property of LabCorp maintains responsibility for equipment service and maintenance



  • LabCorp offers phlebotomy services (Patient Service Technicians or PSTs) to identified locations to supplement health centers at a $3.00 venipuncture fee to be assessed to specified payor
  • Sites with PSTs are required to have a LabCorp Patient Specimen Collection Service Agreement on file