Kirby Lester

The TACHC 340Better pharmacy program collaborates with Kirby Lester for pharmacy dispensing technology. For more than 40 years, Kirby Lester has helped 40,000 pharmacy customers improve efficiency, speed up workflow and prevent dispensing errors. Kirby Lester’s full lineup includes:

  • The midsized robotic dispenser (KL100)
  • The only compact, affordable robotic dispenser (KL60)
  • The world's best-selling tablet counter (KL1)
  • The tablet counter with error-preventing verification software (KL1Plus)

The Kirby Lester devices are accurate, reliable, simple and affordable for every shape and size of 340B pharmacies – whether the daily volume is high or low, Kirby Lester has a system to fit health center needs.

For more information, contact or, 800.641.3961. Or, visit the Kirby Lester website and the informational brochure or the informational brochure about the KL100 and the KL1 Plus