Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my health center is eligible for the 340Better pharmacy program with Cardinal and TACHC?

If your health center is eligible for 340B pricing, listed accurately on the Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA) database and is not a hospital, then your health center is eligible for the 340Better pharmacy program.

Is the 340Better pharmacy program able to service my health center even though I am not located in Texas?

Yes. The 340Better pharmacy program is a national program. It started in Texas in 1985 and has since expanded outside of Texas.

What drugs are available at 340B pricing?

All out-patient and over the counter drugs are available at 340B pricing.

What drugs are available at 340Better contract pricing?

For a list of manufacturers contracting with 340Better, click here. For a detailed list of the 340Better contract pricing, email

What is 340Better contract pricing?

340Better contract pricing is contract pricing BELOW 340B pricing. The pricing is locked in for at least a calendar year, unlike 340B pricing that fluctuates every calendar quarter.

Is my health center able to use a contracted retail pharmacy arrangement with the 340Better pharmacy program?

Yes. The 340Better pharmacy program is able to serve health centers with many different types of pharmacy arrangements such as a pharmacy located in the health center (in-house), a dispensary (physician dispensing model) or contracted with a retail pharmacy.

I am a current Cardinal Health customer accessing 340B pricing. Am I automatically attached to the 340Better program?

No. A 340B eligible health center must sign up for the 340Better pharmacy program via the TACHC office. The TACHC office will then inform Cardinal Health to attach your health center to the 340Better pharmacy program.

What is a wholesaler?

A wholesaler is one-stop shop for purchasing pharmaceuticals. Rather than going directly to the many manufacturers and having multiple minimum order requirements, multiple delivery schedules, multiple invoice reconciliations and more; all ordering, invoicing, deliveries, management, etc. is conducted through a wholesaler. The primary and sole wholesaler for the 340Better pharmacy program is Cardinal Health.

What is a distribution fee when working with a wholesaler/distributor?

A wholesaler has strategically located warehouses to store pharmaceuticals. Because a wholesaler is servicing your health center (deliveries, management tools, etc.) a fee is paid to the wholesaler. The fee is a percentage of your base cost (the base cost for the 340Better pharmacy program is the current 340B pricing). The percentage fee can vary greatly. For the current pricing schedule contact  

How do I figure what the distribution fee is for my health center to use the 340Better pharmacy program?

The distribution fee is the same for all centers who use the 340Better program. The program combines every center’s volume using the program and pools it together to determine the distribution fee. Other programs determine a distribution fee for a health center based on an individual health center's volume...not the 340Better program. As more health centers join the 340Better pharmacy program, the group volume increases, and the distribution fee decreases for all health centers.

To find out current group volume, email

My health center is small and rural, what is the distribution fee for my health center?

All health centers are treated equally on the 340Better pharmacy program regardless of location or size.

Are there any monthly or annual fees to use the 340Better pharmacy program?

No. The only cost to the health center to use the 340Better pharmacy program is the cost of the pharmaceuticals (340B price plus the current distribution fee).

What is the HRSA Prime Vendor with Apexus? Must my health center utilize the Prime Vendor if it is ordering pharmaceuticals?

As part of the original 340B legislation, HRSA was required to establish a prime vendor program. A health center is NOT required to use HRSA's prime vendor, Apexus, for purchasing pharmaceuticals. A health center must show financial reasonableness when choosing a pharmacy program for their facility.