Health Center Board Member Leadership Development

Regional Network and Governance Training

Recruiting, retaining and fully engaging health center board members, especially consumer board members, continues to be a challenge in many of Texas' health centers.  TACHC currently offers intensive on-site and regional training for health center board members on their legal responsibilities and the roles and responsibilities of health center board members.  Various governance videos have also been produced by TACHC for ongoing training of health center boards.

To provide additional support to health center boards, TACHC is piloting a new program designed to enhance the recruitment and retention of board members and fully engage and utilize all board members in the governance of the health centers.  To facilitate participation of working board members, TACHC will convene two regional trainings in the evenings during the work week during Spring 2011.  Health center board members charged with nominating and recruiting new board members for their health centers will be targeted for participation.  This pilot program will allow for training, networking, and sharing of strategies and best practices that can be used to recruit and utilize board members more effectively without overburdening them. 

The Board Chair and CEO: a Key Leadership Team

To survive and be competitive in our increasingly complex environment, community health centers  need both strong boards and strong chief executives.  They need boards and CEOs who together provide leadership guided by a shared vision, focus on results, and accountability.  Key to such a partnership is the way the board chair and the CEO work together.  They share responsibility for ensuring that board agendas deal with issues of strategic importance and for meetings and committees being structured for active engagement.  To serve the health center and the board well, they need to clarify expectations of each other and develop working agreements related to health center governance.

In this day-long workshop board chairs and their CEOs will

  • Explore and clarify the different, but mutually interdependent , leadership roles of the board and the chief executive
  • Identify ways in which the chair and the chief executive can strengthen the board's performance
  • Discover ways in which to enhance their partnership in ensuring effective health center governance

The workshop, scheduled on Thursday, March 3, 2011 in South Padre Island, will combine short, interactive presentations, small group discussions, and chair/CEO partnership conversations.  This will create a shared framework for discussions about roles in the governance process and will provide opportunities for sharing experience with peers in other health centers as well as for developing agreements about their own partnership in health center leadership.   To make effective use of the time, it will be essential that both board chairs (or incoming board chairs) and CEOs attend together. 

Additionally, a new training session will be offered in March 2011 designed to enhance the collaborative relationship between the health center CEO and Board Chairs.  We know that an effective working relationship between the health center board chair and CEO is a critical component to a well functioning board of directors.