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Policy and Research Coordinator

Position Summary: The policy and research coordinator reports to the Director of Policy and External Communications, and works collaboratively within the organization to support state and federal advocacy, policy analysis and research efforts, necessary to support and strengthen community health centers and support vulnerable populations throughout Texas. This position is responsible for monitoring federal, state and local public health activities, policies, regulations and legislation and providing ongoing policy analysis and communication to other departments, member centers, and partner organizations.

I. Duties and responsibilities:


* Monitor federal, state, and local governments’ public health activities and policies.
* Provide written and verbal analysis/updates of relevant or pressing policy issues facing health centers and patients
* Track state and federal legislative bills and regulations along with summary of pertinent legislation and regulations. Troubleshoots health policy and operations issues and acts as a liaison between other departments and external partners.
* Support the development of research and policy papers, talking points and information graphics


* Analyze federal, state and health center data.
* Follow relevant health policy research.
* Assess additional research needs related to community health centers.
* Identify best practices and innovations in health care delivery and payment models


* Participate in stakeholder and state/ federal agency meetings and workgroups on behalf of community health centers.
* Support development of advocacy strategy and campaigns
* Assist in designing training on issues related to federal and state policy and advocacy
* Promote grassroots advocacy through member communication
* Assist department in coordinating the state policy and issues forum during each state legislative session and TACHC and member center participation in national advocacy efforts, including the National Policy and Issues Forum each year
* Actively contribute to the advancement of the organization and its mission.

Other: Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Policy and External Communications and Executive Director.

II. Knowledge, education, skills and abilities


* State and federal health policy experience – two (2) years
* Strong writing, communication and presentation skills.
* Strong and demonstrated research and analytical skills
* Ability to follow constantly changing health care and political environment
* Ability to gather, condense and communicate complex data and policy issues to health centers and policy makers
* Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills
* Strong ability to manage multiple tasks with initiative and independence
* Collaborative and team oriented
* Demonstrated ability to work successfully with a diverse group of stakeholders


* Experience working in a membership or health care trade organization
* Understanding of Federally Qualified Health Centers
* Experience working with the Texas Legislature or other elected officials
* Spanish language skills

III. Credentials


* Bachelor’s degree in government, political science, communication or related field

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