OC³ CPI Webcast: 330 Compliance – Operational Site Visit Strategies Part 1 of 2

06/15/2018 - 06/15/2018

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The Health Center Program Compliance Manual released and effective August 28, 2017 changed the Health Center Program Site Visit Protocol. Join HRSA Consultant Charles Wiltraut, Chief Executive Officer of TACHC Member Mission East Dallas as he presents what is new about site visits from the documents but also the practice he has experienced. He will highlight what issues he is seeing arise for health centers under this new approach.

As always in OC³ CPI Webcasts, we will send out homework after Part 1 to help you conduct a mock visit regarding common gap areas. TACHC staff Nancy Gilliam and Erika Canales will join host Cecile Carson; they have helped centers prepare for recent HRSA operational site visits under the new protocol and have attended some of those visits as well. They will address remaining problem areas the homework reveals based on their experience with how site visits have changed.

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