We all have a story about why we care about our health center, community health and the health of all Texans. Before we ask others to advocate, it’s crucial we strengthen our own voices as advocates. Sharing the facts and figures about the work health centers do is crucial, but so is building a connection with health center patients, community members and decision makers.

Telling your story enables health center advocates to share the challenges your health center and community face, the choices you’ve made to overcome them and the outcomes and accomplishments we have made together. Sharing our personal stories is crucial to strengthening relationships and support for collective action. When we share our stories, we add a compelling narrative to the numbers that show health centers are a great investment in our communities. Showing how community health centers add value to our neighborhoods past the numbers is important to earning the support of our elected decision makers.

For more information on telling your story, watch this webcast or email [email protected] .