Ways to Make A Difference

1. Learn to tell your story.

Health centers provide high quality, affordable primary care services to communities across Texas. Sharing our mission, goals and work with our communities and decision makers is crucial to building more support.

Why did you decide to become a healthcare leader in your community? What makes your health center so valuable to the patients you serve? What does your health center need to continue to grow and provide needed services?

Check out this webcast for added resources information on how to tell your story.

2. Join our advocacy network, and get your patients to do the same!

TACHC sends periodic updates to our network of advocates on important issues affecting health centers, from expanding health insurance coverage to securing critical funding. Join the TACHC advocacy network and learn more about what our health centers face and what you can do about it!

If you need outreach cards, email [email protected].  

3. Know your representatives

Our advocacy is strongest when we have ongoing relationships with local, state and federal decision makers. Keeping them informed about what your health center does for your community is crucial to building strong relationships and maintaining on-going support for your health centers and issues that most impact your health center operations.

Find your federal and state elected representatives here.

4. Make Civic Engagement a regular part of health center operations.

Every day presents opportunities to share our stories and the challenges. Taking opportunities to educate your staff, board members and community leaders can be easy and fun. Integrating advocacy into your staff meetings, education or exercise classes, board meetings and community presentations builds awareness and support for your health center.

Contact  [email protected] for more information or materials.