Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is a new way to provide virtual training and technical assistance to health centers. There, health center staff can complete self-paced E-Learning courses, participate in instructor-led training and events, and even earn continuing education credits.
The Learning Hub also features social learning channels where your health center staff can as
k and answer questions, share resources, receive 1:1 coaching assistance and access videos and tools to support their work.

Q:  What is a Learning Hub Course Catalog ? x A:  All available courses are displayed by subject area, allowing the possibility to select desired courses. In catalogs, learners see both courses whether they are enrolled or not.

 Learning Hub course catalogs

What is a Learning Hub Channel? A: Courses are organized into “shelves” or “labels” to help learners understand that the courses that they are taking belong to some specific category. In Channels, learners only see courses in which they are enrolled.

 Learning Hub channels


Learning Hub Access

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