OC³ CPI Manual

OC³ CPI Manual

The Optimizing Comprehensive Clinical Care (OC³) Compliance and Performance Improvement (CPI) Manual is a manual of organizational templates developed to assist community health centers in creating a safe, therapeutic, and compliant environment in which to serve patients. It is the result of documenting decades of collective TACHC and member center experience, along with best practices from centers both in Texas and from around the country.

The manual contains more than 330 distinct documents and is organized by chapters, including chapters focused on the CPI Program, the Board of Directors, Executive Management, Finance, Clinical, Human Resources, and Information Management. Included are overviews of laws, regulations and resources relevant to community health centers. Also included are template policies and procedures for centers to adapt for their needs and be adopted by the board. The manual offers center-oriented tools such as template organizational bylaws and professional staff bylaws, a template patient rights and responsibilities form, a template notice of privacy practices, a template business associate agreement, template treatment consent forms, template credentialing letters, template peer review materials, a template employee handbook, a data reporting list, and a record retention chart. Finally, there are compliance checklists for the center CPI officer to use in reviewing each department at the center. You may access the Table of Contents for a complete list of items within the manual.

The manual should give a community health center a solid foundation for achieving compliance with legal requirements (including from the Health Resources and Services Administration), meeting accreditation standards such as those from the Joint Commission and the National Committee on Quality Assurance Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Program, and implementing best practices in the field. Subscribers will also be added to a listserv where they may communicate with other centers about compliance issues and how they have adapted the templates to their centers.

While the manual has received bulk updates in prior years, the current development plan calls for at least six new or revised documents to be published each quarter. This commitment was designed to reflect TACHC’s desire to continue providing a valuable and timely resource to subscribers while also ensuring that the manual’s contents are kept up to date. In order to assist subscribers quickly identify any updates to the manual, newly added and recently updated documents are flagged in the table of contents and red-lined versions of any changes are made available for 30 days after publication. Centers who have questions about the manual’s content and subscribers who wish to request an update to an existing document or an addition to the manual are encouraged to email [email protected].

CPI Manual Table of Contents
CPI Manual Terms & Conditions

The pricing for the manual is based on an initial subscription price and then an annual subscription renewal at a much lower rate. Discounts are available for TACHC members, members of the TACHC Purchasing Group, and PCAs wishing to make a group purchase of the manual for their members (see below). If you purchase the manual now, you retain access to it online through 2021, at which time you may renew your subscription for continued access to the manual and updates through 2022. If you purchased the manual in 2011 or a following year, but have not kept up your subscription, for access to the manual please email [email protected] to pay missed subscriptions and the current year subscription (or for a new initial subscription, whichever is less expensive).

PCA Group Purchase of the Manual
PCAs interested in purchasing access to the manual for their entire respective membership can receive a discount off of the initial purchase price of the manual. The discount is 50% off of the total cost of the initial purchase of the manual for PCA itself and each of its member health centers. If a PCA makes a group purchase of the manual on behalf of the organization plus either half of its members or a minimum of 15 members, whichever number is greater, TACHC PG offers the TACHC member price listed below. Please note that subscription costs will still be owed by each purchaser after the initial group purchase by the PCA, unless the PCA pays the subscription costs on behalf of the centers. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in learning more about the group purchasing option.

CPI Manual Table of Contents
CPI Manual Terms & Conditions

Initial subscription
Regular price: 4,200.00
Discounted member price: 2,900.00
Discounted Purchasing Group member price: 2,250.00

Annual subscription renewal
Regular price: 400.00
Discounted member price: 300.00
Discounted Purchasing Group member price: 250.00

* a 3% processing fee is applied when paying by credit card.
Discounted member price: 2,900.00
You could save: 31.0%

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